Our Purpose:

Christian Record Services (CRS) Canada provides free services to people with visual disabilities across Canada. Our programs and services are designed to positively shape their physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being. We are committed to reaching out to blind people in Canada in order to encourage, inspire, motivate, challenge, and empower each one to live a productive, active, and fulfilling life.


Blind Camper

Our Mission:

To help improve and enrich the lives of people in Canada who have visual disabilities, regardless of their ethnic, cultural, political, religious, or social associations.


Our Story:

In 1899, CRS formed and began providing family-based and Christian reading materials for people with visual disabilities. In 1973, CRS started National Camps for the Blind, a specialized camp that was first held in Alberta but subsequently spread across Canada. The CRS head office is located in Oshawa, Ontario.


Our Partners:

We are thankful to all individuals and businesses who make it possible for these services and programs to be offered free of charge to the Blind and Visually Impaired in Canada. With such generous sponsorships, we are able to be the extended voices, hands, feet, and actions of our sponsors.